If you “Lit it up blue” in March

If you “Lit it up blue” in March or have a puzzle piece magnet on your car. If you have a friend or a loved one with an autistic child, start reading about autism acceptance.

It’s awareness taken a step further. In 20 years, folks will understand autism better. But  I’m worried about the kids that are affected by too much “awareness” and not enough “acceptance”, my son, his friends, children that struggle socially but love the sensory world.

I’m not discounting the struggle. I’m not trying to make my child sound like a saint, I am trying to reclaim his childhood as his right and recognize that he’s a little person coming along and learning about the world. His way of learning about the world is very different from the way most children see things but that does not mean he is broken or sick.

We all have a value.

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

These are the gems:


Photo by Melanie Rieders

Autism as a facet of experience, not a limit –Harvard, March 2014

Writer Joel Rubinoff and his five-year-old son, Max.

David Bebee / Waterloo Region Record

Autism Advocates should promote acceptance, not fear

William Stillman

photo by Tim McGowan

Autism, A New Cultural Competency by William Stillman, Huffington Post