hi-ya: kicking off a new school year at Villari’s

Hello Friends,

Villari’s Family Center is one of my favorite family destinations in Gilbert.  As a family center, it is a play place, martial arts studio, restaurant.  We go there for a quick bite to eat, for meet ups with friends, I go to get a respite from the kids and catch up on my email. We’ve been to birthday parties there. Today we are going to find an after school club for Brady. It’s one of those places that you have to visit to understand. Have you been? What did you think?


Why do I like Villari’s so much?

  1. It’s spotlessly clean, too many times “family” equals grungy. Not here!
  2. The staff is amazing…everyone we encounter is patient, considerate of families and go the extra mile to make sure your visit is awesome
  3. Free WiFi in the cool AC while the kids play. A generously sized play place and generously sized booths for us to spread out projects
  4. Healthy, affordably priced food
  5. It’s never crowded. Sometimes “Family” means sensory overload, loud, crowded. Not here!
  6. I walk in the door and my kids take off and just PLAY and let me catch my breath.

When I took this photo you can see me in the mirror so I put the minecraft guy over my image. Here you can see Brady taking his first class with Sensei Mendoza

I took a break from back to school shopping and walked into Villari’s not knowing what to expect in terms of club offerings. Sensei Mendoza greeted me and went over the schedule together.  There are no contracts and I can upgrade our membership at any time. Great!!


Brady joined the Junior Beginners program and if all goes well, we will upgrade to a family membership. I want to lose weight this year, Max wants to copy his brother and do everything he does, the prices are affordable and overall, I feel like I get a great value for my dollar here.


Don’t forget your socks! I put his socks on after the picture, I promise!

During Brady’s class, Max played in the play place. The play place is scaled for kids of all ages, broken into zones. They even have a small enclosed area for infants. Max loves to run, climb and build at Villari’s. (note: there is a separate fee to use the play place, see end of post for discounts).


There is a separate fee to use the play place, so make sure to check out this Groupon or this deal on Yelp.

Brady’s had two classes so far. He loves it and was happy to demonstrate what he’s learned for my blog post.

For Villari’s discounts go to Yelp or Groupon or arrange a group and call and ask for a group discount. This is an awesome place to meet for book club or mom’s club or get caught up on your work. Some of the tables are whiteboards, so you can have meetings or kids can work on projects together. Be sure to stop by the Family Center on 1495  S. Higley (and Ray) and check it out!

Win-Win: 5 Ways to Beat the Heat at Villari’s

It’s no secret that one of my favorite Gilbert destinations is Villari’s Family Centers of Higley. Affordable places to hide from the sun are hard to find and you can only swim so much.

part of playroom for younger kids and babies, super cute!

part of playroom for younger kids and babies, super cute!

5 Ways to beat the heat at Villari’s

  • Have your friend group of 20 kids come to Villari’s and play price discount of $5.00 a child.
  • Take a class–Villari’s martial arts studio is close to home and priced competitively.
  • Summer Camp — great mix here. I trust the staff, good balance of structured and unstructured playtime, science, arts, exercise, friends, fun and did I mention this place is spotlessly clean?
  • Treat yourself–having a tough day with the kids? I was running out of gas but the boys were going full steam on Thursday. We dropped by for playtime, and stayed for 2 hours. That was easy.
  • Throw a birthday party They have a great special, $75.00 off a party. We went to one today, great time. Lots of space, the awesome staff, good food and tons of extras. Great value and the kids had fun.
Birthday party rooms can be themed out almost any way. Always cute and creative!

Birthday party rooms can be themed out almost any way. Always cute and creative!

I’ve heard you talk about it, but I don’t know where it is?

Villari’s is behind the Fresh and Easy at Higley and Ray in Gilbert.

1495 S Higley Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296
Phone: 480-361-8410

My kids ask to go back to Villari’s because of the staff in the play place. They love the attention when they play games. I love it because it’s clean, affordable, has wifi and I can get a guilt free break!


The playroom is huge. This is one part, I love the wall art. And I love when my kids pop out of the play place for a drink they are flushed and sweaty.

While I sit and catch up on work or read (counts as work right?), my boys have  blast climbing, running, playing ball.

We popped by for Chinese New Year, it was awesome!! My kids got their culture on and I didn't have to craft anything amazing from Pinterest! Win!

We visited on Chinese New Year, it was awesome!! My kids got their culture on and I didn’t have to craft anything amazing from Pinterest! Win!