Unique to the Valley: Queen Creek Olive Mill

As a mom to two boys, I love to pamper myself by going to restaurants. I like the “away game” aspect of it. I’m not cooking and I’m not waiting on anyone. My favorite places to eat around the Valley are places that have a healthy menu like Wildflower Bread Company or Pita Jungle. Today I want to write about a very special place that I love to visit, the Queen Creek Olive Mill. This is a good place to bring out of town guests, small children or a lunch with friends. When I bring my kids we sit at picnic tables in the olive grove and the boys run around. If you plan your visit right you can come when they are playing music outside and enjoy a glass of wine. The Olive Mill is like a date that goes from a fancy night on the town to a walk on the beach.
I am lucky that I live nearby. If you don’t, come during the holidays and knock out some holiday shopping. The Olive Mill is a great place to  pick up a unique hostess gift or teacher gift. The price point is just right. For example, I bought a bottle of Meyer Lemon Olive Oil for $12.39. The infused olive oil smells amazing when you cook with it. You could give it in a gift basket with some lemons, a few recipes they offer for free online or in the store and some pasta. I like to use it when I make Spicy Pasta with Lemon and Peas. The dish itself is inexpensive, tastes good cold and is vegetarian, you can make it for a luncheon or a birthday party for a group and not break the bank. Nice!

Try it with waffles or pancakes. 🙂

I recommend you take the Olive Mill tour. It’s part of the experience. You should take the tour first if you can, then have a bite to eat on the patio, then try something new from the store. In addition to olive oil, they stock tapenades, cheeses, prepared foods, bakery items, gift items, soaps and lotions. After the tour I bought the Chocolate Olive Oil. I use it when I make banana bread. The house smells amazing when I bake with it. Yum.

My little guys like to get gelato. My handsome date and I split the prickly pear. He always picks the funkiest color food he can find. And he doesn’t share very well. I get the melty bits at the end. 🙂

Mom Note: The Olive Mill is easy to find, but don’t rely on your GPS. Read this instead. They have a gravel parking lot and while the patio dining and tour are wheelchair friendlish the store itself tends to be crowded and the product is dispersed a little randomly so you end up cutting diagonally to see everything. You don’t want to push a stroller around in here either. You can, but you don’t want to. They have restrooms on site.

Prickly Pear Gelato