What do you do with the last week of school?

The kids are like little soda cans all shook up. How to harness that energy and not waste library time? How to engage them?

The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney

The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney

for the little ones…montessori to grade 2 we played Aesop’s Lion and the Mouse. I read the story to them inside and took the book outside so they could act out the parts. Many of the kids knew the story and I prefaced it by saying “What do you think? This book makes me want to take out my colored pencils and draw!”

Another attention grabber this week was the return of Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield from his 5 month sojourn inside the International Space Station. Chris Hadfield has a ton of amazing material, tweets, videos, images paired with his commentary.

I love the response from the audience on Earth when he wrings the washcloth out in space, such a common, visceral experience everyone gets it. That is the art of teaching right there, he connects with people so well. Love him!


For the older kids, I have the iPad app “The Elements” by Theodore Gray.  I played the song “The Elements Song” by Tom Lehrer. You can find it on Youtube sung by Sponge Bob among others. The kids love the periodic table, it has the right mix of memorization, fast talk and a hook from minecraft. They love anything to do with an iPad, it is a way gateway to discussion about e-books v paper books. They toggled the song between Japanese and English.

I can’t believe how much the kids grew this year, it is an honor to see them grow and change every week, so curious, so cool, so awesome. I’m excited for another great year next year.