Tucson: Reid Park and Reid Park Zoo

Dear Students,

Gene C. Reid Park is a favorite stop on our family trips to Tucson.


Beautiful day

The park is located in the southern end of mid-town Tucson, set your GPS for 900 S. Randolph Way.


These pigeons are rather jaded,they did not scatter so much as hop to the side

The park is 131-acres, with immense exotic palms, dotted with ponds full of a variety of waterfowl. I saw mallards, geese, ducks with plumed heads, sleek black diving ducks and pigeons that my boys were eager to scatter.


Reid Park Zoo has a reciprocal membership with the Phoenix zoo so we enjoyed a discount.

The park is free and open to the public. We go to Reid Park on Thanksgiving for the Turkey Trot, we celebrated my SIL’s birthday with fancy hotdogs and we make pitstops on our way in and out of town.


These bird houses were in the trees near the Elephant enclosure.

Everywhere you look is one more place you want to take a picture.


We took a train ride around the pond at $2.00 a passenger.

A tiny train circles the duck pond. We took a ride for $2.00 a person.


Tiger and my little bear

We visited the zoo in the late afternoon. The mild weather and proximity to meal time made the animals very active.

Reid Park baby elephant

The Elephant pavilion is brand new and gorgeous. It has musical instruments, loads of interactive displays and best of all, a baby elephant.


I took a surreptitious picture of the wedding party. I am sorry you cannot see the bride better. She was a tiny thing in a brilliant dress (you can see her skirt). The groom wore a western shirt in the same peacock blue. We congratulated them on their happy day.

My favorite part of the park is the Rose Test Garden. It has 1,080 rose beds and over 100 different kind of roses.  Thousands of roses can be seen in this garden maintained by the Rose Society of Tucson. The best time to view the roses are March – April and October – November. The rose garden is a popular place for weddings, I love to see if I can spot a bride.


I think we will always seek out a big park when the Thunderbirds are in town. Watching the planes zoom over those giant palms was a treat.

This particular weekend was the Davis-Monthan AFB show, we saw a fly over by the Thunderbirds. The planes came in low over the park, if it weren’t for the trees this would be a good place to watch the show. As it was, we enjoyed the bits that came in and out of the trees.

We had a beautiful weekend in Tucson on a small budget thanks to public shows and public parks, we can’t wait to come back and visit again.

What did you do this weekend?
Mrs. Kenney