Nick Bruel comes to Changing Hands

Dear Students,

Tonight I visited Changing Hands bookstore with my family to meet Nick Bruel, the author of the Bad Kitty books.


His favorite part was watching Mr. Bruel draw Bad Kitty.

He asked us not to share his picture, it is a surprise for people that come to his readings.

He asked us not to share his picture, it is a surprise for people that come to his readings.

He read a chapter from his new book Bad Kitty School Daze and he answered questions. One question was “What is your next Bad Kitty book?” He said it is finished and will come out in January of 2014, it is called Bad Kitty and the Author.

Nick Bruel, author of Bad Kitty

Nick Bruel, author of Bad Kitty

He was super funny!! After he took questions, he signed books and kids took their picture with him.


One of my students waited patiently to meet Mr. Bruel. She was the last child in line, so he drew a picture for her. Thanks for sharing your picture, Harper!

Wh0 is an author you would like to meet?

Mrs. Kenney

Star Wars comes to Changing Hands

Dear Students,

I remember when you came into the library in the fall and told me that Disney bought Star Wars.


I love it when you follow the news. This means there will be a new Star Wars movie in 2015.


Many people write stories featuring Star Wars characters. In January, my family and I went to Changing Hands bookstore to listen to Timothy Zahn speak about his new book Scoundrels. Maybe someday, I will read a fiction you write featuring Star Wars characters?


We mingled with Stormtroopers and met a familiar friend.

What is your favorite Star Wars movie? Mine is The Empire Strikes Back.

May the force be with you,

Mrs. Kenney


The net is full of Star Wars crafts. This is one we are going to try.

Changing Hands Summer Reading Program

Dear Students,

It’s time to start thinking about summer reading, so Brady and I made our annual trip to Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona.

He’s not the only one who loves Changing Hands.

HOW TO GET STARTED: Come in to Changing Hands to pick up a summer reading bookmark for your grade level. Hang on to that bookmark, because it’s also how you track which books you’ve read! Turn it back into us before August 31 for a bunch of really cool prizes.

WHAT YOU GET TO READ: Here’s the good part. We’ve put our heads together and assembled a great list of six recommended paperback books per grade level. Just pick three that look interesting to you and then any three of your own — for a total of six books to read for the summer — and you’re set!

Our haul from Changing Hands, his favorite series at $1.95 a copy. Can’t beat it!

Our friends from Changing Hands are sponsoring a summer reading program. Along with that, we will download the Bookit Program Summer Reading Activity Calendars. What are your summer reading plans?

With my nose in a book,
Mrs. Kenney