Click Clack Moo Redux


July 7, 2012, my lovely friend Stacy gave me a present, an Underwood typewriter


For a while, it was enough to look upon it. Then I learned about nearby Mesa Typewriter Exchange and realized I could have it serviced.


I brought the typewriter to the library in the morning and let the students take turns using it. It generated enormous interest and conversation with every grade.

In the afternoon, Brady and I brought my Underwood to Mr. Bill Wahl at the Mesa Typewriter Exchange.


He asked me where I bought my typewriter, how long did I have it and how did it work. I knew very little. He stepped into his office and came back with this paper, turned my typewriter over and said it was made in 1916.


This is what the world was like around the time my typewriter came to be:

  • 1910: Edison shows the 1st talking motion picture
  • 1911: Kettering invents the 1st automotive ignition system
  • 1912: LifeSavers candy introduced
  • 1913: the modern brassiere and crossword puzzle are invented
  • 1914: gas mask invented in time for WWI
  • 1915: Pyrex invented
  • 1916: Model T Ford prices fall to $360 — half the 1911 price
  • 1916: stainless steel invented
  • 1917: modern zipper invented
  • 1918: Armstrong’s core design for super heterodyne radio circuit —
  • which eventually becomes universal
  • 1919: short-wave radio invented


I was curious and I wanted to stay a while, so every few minutes when a customer came in, I said they could go ahead of us.


we weren’t in a hurry


there was so much to look at


I liked eavesdropping on Mr. Wahl’s conversations with other customers. He seemed to have the same conversation over and over again, while we were there he examined four typewriters for repair and had one picked up.


I started to feel greedy and felt as if I needed to have ten or fifteen typewriters of my own.


That is how I get in bookstores too.

Because of his backlog, my typewriter will be waiting in queue for service. I will update again when I go to pick her up.


I think is the coolest corner of the Valley yet, but don’t take my word for it. Stop by and visit.

One of my students said I had to include this book, I agree.

One of my students said I had to include this book, I agree.

p.s. Here is a snap of the boys using a typewriter on board the U.S.S. North Carolina