About K8 Librarian

I have a dreamy husband and two little boys. We live in sunny Gilbert, AZ.

Family picture out-take. My second child is a runner. I was taking no chances next to the water.

I am a grade school librarian. I have the best job in the world.

Pac Man Reading Challenge to keep kids reading over winter break

I love the finding that awesome read aloud that sweeps my students away, or the YA page turner that converts a non reader into a reader.

I write about life with 2 boys, the lighter side of my library, new books and my pet passion, autism advocacy.

These two boys are the best thing that ever happened to me in real life.

This blog is about some of the best things I’ve discovered reading and working with kids.

Thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “About K8 Librarian

  1. Great blog! It will definitely be helpful for when we travel up north. I love your goal of camping once a month. I’ll need to check on here before we head out to any campgrounds. We haven’t done any long road trips since my daughter was born, but we are getting antsy for one! The ride to Phoenix is about as much as she tolerates before getting cranky. Thanks for all the great info!

  2. I came across your website as I was looking for info on the Hashknife Pony Express ride. You’ve put together a great article on the ride. I’m wondering if it is possible to obtain a paper copy (or copies) of your posting.
    Your students are lucky!
    Joyce Minks, former elementary teacher in Wisconsin
    Oro Valley, AZ

    • Hello Joyce, the best I can do is format the article as a word document and email it to you. I have it prepared. I can see you are working over your winter break!! Please send me an email at kerryann at gmail dot com with hashknife pony express and I will send you my document. 🙂

  3. I would like to use your picture of Jean Baptist Charbonneau to edit the wikipedia article about him. Currently, there is a picture of William Drummond Stewart that is circulating around as Jean Baptiste. I want to change this inaccuracy. Please contact me so I can talk to you about the rights to the picture. Thank you,

    • Mr. Shapiro, I cropped the picture from a picture of the Sacajawea statue that is online. You are welcome to copy the image on the page and use it in the Wikipedia article.

      • Thank you Joyce! I will try to locate the picture online. This is the first wikipedia article I have tried to edit and it’s not easy to change the photograph without proving ownership. Incidentally, after having looked over your blog I have to say that it looks like you have great fun with your family! I wrote a graphic novel adventure about three kids who travel time exploring the wide world of natural history. I would like to send you a copy for you and your family! Check out http://www.craigmorecreations.com/four-corners-of-time/ and let me know if it looks like something you would enjoy!

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