k8librarian reboot

I waste time writing in my head when I could be writing here. I think I should have a coherent page that makes sense, neatly branded with a color palette and graphics. A good headshot.


I think if I had those black glasses that everyone is wearing and good eyebrows I could hold my own online.

Today K8librarian relaunches as my personal page in this quiet way to the 11 people that read my page and hopefully the habit of tending this page will yield the other features I want. My husband and I both work from home in virtual offices and my boys go to a school I love. For the first time in 9 years, I won’t follow my boys around all day, Brady does not need me anymore, he can advocate for himself (hopefully!!). Max has a teacher that brings out his best, he has daily gym, he loves being a big kid, his school has a new building with a focus on sports.  He is in a good space, as long as he doesn’t turn around.


Max was completely freaked out when he got his kindergarten class pictures and this was in his folder. I said, good thing you did not turn around. It scared his friends too. So satisfying.

I’m no longer a school librarian, so I can write openly here. My son Brady, is rocking it–closing gaps, hanging out, his expressive language, security and development is awesome. He’s fine, no more special needy than any other child with one area of challenge as he manages everything else on his own. He’s done his work and we have worked REALLY hard, all of us, to get him to learn the things from intention that he needed to learn. I can write bi-weekly about what I wake up each morning thinking about.


inside, I will always be a librarian. Inside, there will always be something a little bit wrong with me.

I spend an enormous amount of time around topics like 21st century learning, our changing home, healthy eating (my downfall), raising the best kids I can the first time around, childish play, family travel, neurodiversity, reading, working from home, keeping up with tech, trusted voices, mental health, creativity and most especially change. I love change and I welcome the brave new world my children will work and live and love in. I’m concerned about their education, their health and their financial prospects with globalization. I’m going to use this space to write about those things, every day and see where the conversation takes me. In the end, all I know is that my brain is overflowing and sometimes I feel like I will go crazy if I don’t let some of these ideas out to get a perspective.


I hope you enjoy visiting my page and participating in the conversation because I love a good exchange of ideas. Special thanks to my friend Denise for her graphic wizardry, who has always had something a little bit wrong with her and thus has stayed friends with me for many many years for no other reason than we relate to each other. Or else she just really really likes people named Kerry.

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