Connecting with a Magical Author through song

My students love Shel Silverstein–they love his poetry and his music.

I have 4 copies of The Giving Tree, and the groups of friends will check out all four books together and read them together.


One of my students learned to read with The Giving Tree.


Some kids are Green Eggs and Ham Kids but she was a Shel Silverstein girl.

I like knowing that about someone.

Some kids found about about him through the Wimpy Kid books.

shel_wimpy kidig

My husband is from a Shel Silverstein loving family.

When we combined libraries, his books were college textbooks, sci-fi fantasy and autographed from family member Shel Silverstein.

we lost

This post is dedicated to Aunt Dianne, who we lost this year. She had great humor and loved children. 

I can’t dream up a better book to start a new library. Do you have a favorite Shel Silverstein memory?


Could you make new tunes or pictures to go with these poems? Try it and see!


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