Why I love the Artful Parent: Paper Marbling/Suminagashi

My boys have Art Masterpiece volunteers to keep Art in their lives, but it’s not enough.

We do art at home. My favorite resource for art motivation is The Artful Parent. I know Pinterest has loads of ideas, but I’m afraid of what at time suck it is.

Also, not everything on Pinterest is a tried and true. I need tried and true.


The Artful Parent meets our skill level and her passion keeps me motivated. You can sign up for her emails here or follow her on Facebook. I do both. She’s on all the other sites too. Choose your poison.

This weekend I tried Suminagashi after I read this post. I bought the materials on Amazon (she had links to them) it is a relatively low cost project and we used very little material. I can use the supplies over and over again before we run out. 

The only thing I’ll add to her post is that the rice paper she recommended soaked instantly and stuck together. The video shows the same method with copperplate paper (no sizing). you can search on Amazon for an alternative or order from Blick’s Art Supply store. I’m researching a better paper, but for now, her paper was the most inexpensive. The copperplate paper was over $5.00 a sheet.



weird dark spots are thin rice paper set on cardboard box. Before I do this project in a classroom I need to figure out a way to protect the paper. It still worked well enough to make the kids happy. 



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