Family Trip to Grand Canyon: Love those fences!!

I’d seen photos of friends at the Canyon, but had no idea what to expect and frankly found it overwhelming. Like this post suggested, we visited the South Rim. We used the buses, popped on and off the overlooks and I loved the fences. Mather Point was very crowded by the yellow loop on the South Rim was not crowded at all.

Grandview Point

Grandview Point

Our trip was an impulse trip, so we were poorly prepared and we still had a great time. All you need is 25 dollars, the bus, time and hands to hold when you walk around.

If you visit on a Public Lands day, entrance is free. (6 days a year). The next free day is 9/28.


We parked in the visitor center parking lot complex. We used the shuttle buses and found them clean, prompt and easy for this tired mom to figure out.


We paid $25.00 for our family car, this gave us a 7 day pass to visit the park. Within 10 minutes of parking our car, we were at the Yaki Point overlook taking in the gobsmacking view.

photo (1)

I said, I’m coming with two kids and I’m leaving with two kids. My biggest worry was that Max would run off, but keeping to our South Rim, shuttle bus plan we were just fine.

Max_LegThis photo perch is on popular Mather Point overlook. It looks scarier than it is!


Do you want to hike? 100 Places that Change Your Child’s Life suggests you take the 3 1/2 mile South Kaibab to Cedar Ridge hike. It is offers a panoramic view of the canyon and is easy enough for a family.  This is a link to the national park PDF of the same trail.

14025455My favorite aspect of the canyon was how the story of immense time is vividly displayed in the bare rock.  I’m excited to build on the experience with books, movies and a longer visit when they are more mature.

This is the book I bought for Max at the Visitor Center.

This is the book I bought for Max at the Visitor Center.

A four hour ride home is a good excuse for buying new books isn’t it?

Our next family read aloud.

Our next family read aloud.

note: The new Grand Canyon Skywalk is not a part of Grand Canyon National Park. It is located at Grand Canyon West, on Hualapai Indian Tribal Lands. The main access road into the complex is unpaved for a distance of about 15 miles. Though recently graded, it is still very bumpy and deeply rutted in some areas. 


2 thoughts on “Family Trip to Grand Canyon: Love those fences!!

  1. Brighty of the Grand Canyon was one of my husband’s favorite movies as a kid. We own it if you want to borrow it. That move at Mather’s Point has heart failure written all over it. It must look a lot scarier than it really was. I’m glad you had such a great time! Let me know when you and your husband are ready to hike down to Havasupai Falls with us.

    • I did not know it was a movie! I will see if I can get it from the library first. Mather Point is a platform and they have a rock pedestal in the center of the concrete platform, surrounded by at least 20 feet of concrete and then the fence, so the furthest he would fall was to the ground five feet, if he fell off the rock. It is a clever idea, it lets you pose for a picture with the canyon as a backdrop, elevates you above the other tourists and lets you look daring without daring.


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