The most wonderful time of the year

One of the boys at school remarked since choir was beginning, that Brady was going to start singing around school again.


Brandon Stewart, conductor for MCO

There is something magical about hundreds of children tackling complicated, gorgeous, sacred and classical music.


Beyond anything you thought was possible. The children blow me away.


The choir is all ages, all faiths. Whole families sing together and find their best selves through the music.

evmco2 (1)

In our case, the music brought Brady out of his shell. He used to be overwhelmed by noise. These blue headphones he wore if we were out with people.


On the day of his first performance when he had to stay backstage all day with hundreds of kids waiting for his turn to sing, he gave his headphones away to a younger girl.


He doesn’t use the headphones anymore. Ever.

riuOur favorite song is Riu Riu Chiu. You can hear it here or buy the album online.


You can learn more about Millenial choirs here.


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