At the top of my to-do list this week, face to face with history

Brady and I had a date at the Gilbert History Museum to see the exhibit: Documenting War: The Kinnaman Collection


The exhibit runs until 12/31.  To see the exhibit, ask a docent to take you back to the locked gallery.


We had the place to ourselves.


Some of the items gave me goosebumps.


if you look closely, you can see the signatures of the American soldiers who captured this Nazi flag.


makes it less evil, and more intimate.

1231561_10202031285843904_94307217_oDr. Kinnamen’s collection was formed around the idea of the ordinary men who showed such valor.

sympathy letter to the mother of a lost soldier, from a friend who writes in his four page letter (on display) your son was "one of the closest buddies I had when I was overseas" and the shares his heartbreak(sympathy letter to the mother of a lost soldier, the friend writes in his 4 page letter (on display) your son was “one of the closest buddies I had when I was overseas”)

When you look at his collection. He succeeds.


The collection includes autographs from Abraham Lincoln, General Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Patton and many more.


I encourage you to visit this exhibit, and if you are nearby, buy a family membership. It’s a great value.


The Gilbert History Museum is the best way I know to let my boys get their hands on the past and imagine where we are going.

Thank you Dr. Kinnamen, for sharing your collection with us. You are always welcome to come to my library!



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