My photo printing solution — and a free photo book for you

I want a low-cost way to print pictures of my students or favorite digital prints.

Summer2013 814

I tried to print my Instagram pictures on Walgreens and Shutterfly but they did not size correctly. They looked terrible.

Summer2013 704

My friend Crystal suggested I try Groovebook.


(use my coupon KENNEY25 if you want a free book)

This is my first Groovebook, I have a pen for scale. It’s 100 pictures in a paper bound book. I used her coupon, so my book was free.


Going forward, I’ll upload 100 pictures my phone using the Groovebook app and they’ll send me a new book every month. It’s a subscription service.


If you like Groovebook, use my coupon code KENNEY25 and get your first book free.


Each page is perforated so you can tear a picture out to share it. Awesome!

The quality of the pictures is surprisingly good for the low cost. I’m impressed. The paper quality and color is good.

Summer2013 826

This is my niece and nephew. I saved the picture from my facebook feed and I’ll print it next month via Groovebook. So glad to have an easy way to get these family pictures!

Now I can take images and save images from my Facebook feed and print them easily. Use my coupon code and give Groovebook a try. Let me know how it works out in the comments.


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