Mesa Typewriter Exchange: A trip to the typewriter store

Last summer my friend Stacy bought me a typewriter. It was just the kind of thing your bestie would give you and I loved it.


Even thought I was in Pennsylvania and I had to haul it all the way back on the plane!


This week we are taking a special trip to Mesa Typewriter Exchange at 30 S. Macdonald, Mesa, Arizona 85210 (480) 964-3603)

On my neighborhood list I bought a nifty metal typewriter table, just the size for my front entrance.


The typewriter is magical, kids love it. I almost want to keep it at school so everyone can enjoy it.


This year Brady started to take online typing classes at home. He uses typekids. This is another resource full of typing games you can try.

on my wish list

on my wish list

Have you ever used a typewriter? Do you think it would be fun to take a typing class at school?

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