One of my favorite blogs, she inspires me to make a road trip.

Travels with the Blonde Coyote

One of the things I love most about driving through Middle America are the abandoned houses. Thousands of these bygone homes dot the back roads, each with their own charms and I’m sure, their own stories. In Kansas, most of these places are unpainted houses, with an array of outbuildings, house trailers and farm equipment scattered around and buried beneath the weeds. As I drive, I’m always looking for these relics, hoping for a great photo, a wind-whispered story and maybe even some fresh-cut flowers for my car from somebody’s long-lost overgrown garden.

I will say, one of the downsides to towing the Teardrop is that it’s much harder to pull over when I drive by one of these relics. Harder to brake, harder to pull off safely, harder to be inconspicuous while I trespass to snap a few photos. I’ll cruise on by at 50 mph (my ideal speed)…

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