Tales of Young Americans Series

This week I picked up three books in the Tales of Young Americans Series from the Queen Creek Library.


The Scarlet Stockings Spy by Trina Hakes Noble

The Scarlet Stockings Spy is set in pre Revolutionary War Philadelphia, where the bells have been removed from the churches so that the British cannot melt them down for weapons.


It is a perilous time. The yellow sky, the shadowy cobblestone streets convey the drama.


In Elfreth’s Alley, July 2012

I’ve walked these narrow streets in Philadelphia in Elfreth’s Alley, you can visit a neighborhood like Maddy Rose’s today if you travel to Philadelphia.

photo (1)

Maddy Rose is a fierce patriot. Her father died in the Battle of Princeton and now Maddy uses codes to signal the Patriots about incoming enemy ships. Her unobtrusive domestic code reminds me a little of the hobo codes of the 1930’s.


Pappy’s Handkerchief by Devin Sicillian

Moses and his family look for opportunity in Oklahoma. This book spotlights African American opportunity during the Oklahoma Land Rush. Very cool perspective with rings of truth.


Lucky Star by Judy Young

Following my reading about the Dust Bowl, the CCC, the shuttered schools, Lucky Star is an optimistic look at a terrible time in our nation’s history. How Ruth finds a way to teach her sister after the school’s close is inspiring. And fun.

I am impressed with the caliber of the author’s experience from reading the author abstracts. These books line up with what I read about history and they are exciting and short enough for a child’s attention span.  I’d love to collect all the books in the series.


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