Reading about the Dust Bowl


Dear Students,

Spring Break this week means lots of reading for me, my boys asked to spend the week near home. They want to go to the park every day, fight with swords and see their friends. While they bonk each other over the head with foam swords, I read my book club selections  for this month Hard Times by Studs Terkel and The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan.


The Dust Bowl was a 10 year catastrophe in American History. The book “The Worst Hard Time” focuses on people living in the purple area of the map, in the panhandle of Oklahoma.


TI highlighted the graphic novel and the choose your own ending format of The Dust Bowl, the two covers featured here. I plan to buy them for the library. In the meantime this is a list of books that Maricopa County Library has on The Dust Bowl. You can request books online and they will send them to the library of your choice, I have 7 books to pick up today at the Queen Creek Library.


The 198 String Band is performing for free tonight at the Tempe Historical Society. The band performs Depression Era music and combines it with photos and lecture about that time period. They are living historians.

The Plow That Broke The Plains is a documentary about the Dust Bowl. It is 26 minutes long and you can stream it for free on the internet. I watched it last night.

Have you visited the Tempe History Museum? I added them to my Facebook account, it looks like a good place to visit! I signed up for notifications about the Museum and Library here, to keep me in the loop about their programming.


That’s what your history loving Mrs. Kenney is busy with over Spring Break? How about you, what do you love to do when you have free time?

Happily Reading,
Mrs. Kenney


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