A Navajo Blanket by May Swenson

saddle blanket

A Navajo Blanket by May Swenson


Eye-dazzlers the Indians wave. Three colors

are paths that pull you in, and pin you

to the maze. Brightness makes your eyes jump,

surveying the geometric field. Alight, and enter

any of the gates–of Blue, Of Red, or Black,

Be calmed and hooded, a hawk brought down,

glad to fasten to the forearm of a Chief,


at the Heard Museum in Phoenix

You can sleep at the center,

attended by the sun that never fades, by the Moon

that cools. Then, slipping free of zig-zag, and

hypnotic diamond, find your way out

by the spirit trail, a faint Green thread that

secretly crosses the border, where your mind

is rinsed and returned to you like a white cup.

Learn more about Navajo Rugs here and here or simply visit Navajo Rugs at the Heard Museum and enjoy their beauty and their secrets.


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