Putting the K in K-Pop

Dear Students,

I spent most of the day in the cafeteria setting up the book fair

(If you don’t see a video please refresh your page)

This week is going to be a blast…so hop on your invisible horse


and ride out to see me. I expect to see lots of dancing to entertain me while I hang out in the cafeteria all week. If you don’t know how to dance gangnum style, this is your week to learn. I’ll judge the best dancers on Friday. Winning team receives the screaming eagle statue on display by the register.

I open the book fair at 8:30 and I’ll stay open through the school day plus one hour. I will have one late night, open til 7PM on Thursday and then close the fair on Friday at 12:30.

All book purchases benefit the library! Thank you for your support!

Putting the K in K-Pop,
Mrs. Kenney


One thought on “Putting the K in K-Pop

  1. Your students are so lucky to have you. This makes me want to fly to AZ and attend your Book Fair. Have Max and Brady pick out a book for me to buy them and have each of them pick out a book for me to buy for the library. Good luck with the Book Fair. I hope it is a huge success. Butterfly


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