Mark your calendar, Constitution Week kicks off 9/22 in Gilbert, AZ

Dear Students,

You are invited to come to the Constitution Week kick off in downtown Gilbert. Our Constitution Week celebration is the largest in the country. If you are an artist, enter the art contest for a prize.

Mark your calendar: Come and celebrate the US Constitution this year at Civic Plaza / Town Square in Gilbert, AZ  on Saturday, September 22, 2012, from 6pm-9pm.

If you are interested in the presidential election this year, you will love the event. Did you watch  Mitt Romney accept the Republican nomination for the Presidency at the  Republican National Convention in Tampa?

Mitt and Ann Romney with family (link to article about Mr. Romney in Parade Magazine)

Mitt Romney was competing with Ron Paul. Ron Paul failed to secure the Republican nomination, but he represents the voice of a 3rd party

While their presidential candidates stand little chance of being elected, members of America’s third parties have historically promoted concepts and policies that have been incorporated as important parts of our social and political lives. A voice like Ron Paul’s is valuable.

This week, the Democrats take their turn with the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. President Barack Obama is running for re-election.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia and Sasha

I am proud of our country and our peaceful transition of power. One of my favorite books to read aloud is We the Kids, the preamble to the constitution.

The kids wrote to Sgt O’Brien during his deployment. Welcome Home Sgt. O’Brien!

Our friend Sergeant O’Brien visited the school last year when he returned from Afghanistan. It was our best gift to have him come back to America safely. He read We the Kids to the kiddos in the library.

Come to the library and read, We the Kids by David Catrow

I can always learn more about our Constitution. Last Sunday, I attended a “fireside” at my local LDS church. I went with my neighbor.

Franklin, Jefferson, Washington

The topic was “The Constitution”, our speaker was Shane Krauser. He opened his talk with a simple story about a chair. He quoted Benjamin Franklin saying, “I have often looked at that (sun) behind the president without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now I… know that it is a rising…sun.”

The Rising Sun Chair, George Washington used this chair for nearly three months of the Federal Convention’s continuous sessions.

This summer I stood in Independence Hall where our Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution.  George Washington’s chair is still there. I wanted my kids to see the Liberty Bell, visit Independence Hall and learn the story of the birth of our nation. I want them to appreciate their rights as American citizens.

This summer we visited Philadelphia and toured Constitution Hall with the boys

Mr. Krauser is a passionate, non-partisan speaker. He spoke to a full house and was entertaining and informative.  Mr. Krauser advised us to learn as much as we can about the Constitution so we could protect it. I agree.

Proud to be an American,
Mrs. Kenney


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