The One Place I Cannot Afford to Go

Dear Students,

In New York City there is a Mecca for book lovers

The Strand advertises 18 miles of bookshelves. I would head directly to the rare books room, or the presidential memoirs, or the regency romances and park myself. I could spend a lifetime here. Where would you browse?

I’ve been to NYC many times but I’ve never been to the Strand.

In 1991, I went to the Paul Simon Concert in Central Park. I rode in a Honda Civic with 6 people from Pennsylvania. We did not have any money but we had time.

I am afraid if I went, my head might explode.

I am not kidding.

James Franco signing books at The Strand. I like how he decorated the book end papers. Except I would not like that if he came to our library and did that. I’m sure that is his own book, right Mr. Franco?

This man can go to the Strand, after you read his story, you can see that only the bravest bookworm can go to the Strand.

Excerpted from Humans of New York: “In November of 42, my unit was building airstrips in Scotland when we received an order to pack up our things. They put us on ships in the middle of the night. You couldn’t see anything, and they didn’t tell us where we were going. When  the sun came up, we saw that we were part of a giant convoy. There were hundreds of ships, all across the horizon: cruisers, destroyers, transport ships. It looked just like a movie. Turns out we were headed to Algeria. When we hit the Strait of Gibraltar, all the ships had to come together, which made us vulnerable to air attacks. So suddenly the sky was filled with British fighters giving us cover. Tons of them. When we landed, we built runways so that the Allies could supply their North African operations. I was behind the lines because I was an engineer, but the Germans were hitting us pretty hard in North Africa. I remember all the boys heading toward the front on tanks. Lines and lines of them. They knew it was the real thing this time, so their faces looked pretty grim. “

photo from Humans in New York

Do you like people-watching? Do you like big cities? New York might be the place for you. I like to read the blog Humans of New York to catch a glimpse into the life in the Big Apple.

Photo by Humans in New York

Have you ever been to New York? What did you do?

Like a big apple,
Mrs. Kenney

4 thoughts on “The One Place I Cannot Afford to Go

  1. Yes we’ve been to New York twice in the past 8 years – once with our kids and once without! We have timeshare there…. right in the middle of it all. It was among our favorite trips ever – each time we just went for four exciting nights but we packed so much in. We skated in central park (at the end of March), climbed big rocks and explored the park by bike, saw Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, and Wicked between those two trips, saw the Metropolitan (needs a full day), and Museum of Natural History, ate at the Tavern on the green at sunset, went to the top of the Statue of Liberty crown (made reservations in advance), toured Ellis Island, explored 5th avenue, went to the MIM (museum of modern art – on a Target free day – it was very cool), took a subway (and loved all the music going on there!) to ground zero – a very reverent experience (so quiet there). Shopping and eating in the Little Italy district, buying cheap scarves and accessories at all the street vendors in the China area (and taking in all those markets with smelly fish and colorful produce). Time Square was a favorite activity for everyone each night. This city never sleeps – it’s like daylight all the time with noise and people at all hours. We’d get home at 2 am and never even know it was that late. We’d love to go more – you can find good airfare sometimes (we got ours for less than $200). We have a hard time keeping up on our maintenance fees for our timeshare – so if anyone wants pay our maintenance fees to stay in a large room with a living area, extra fold-out couch, and small kitchen let us know. It still works out to about $225 a night, but much bigger and sleeps more than anything else you could get there for that price – esp that location and that nice of a place. I have some awesome guide books Kerry – if you ever want to drool over the museums and all the cool stuff to do!

    • SOUND AMAZING!!!! That is my kind of trip for sure!! We were going to go with the boys this year but it did not work out. Probably for the best as Max’s little legs would be so tired. My favorite guidebook is City Secrets New York. I love how you used timeshares to extend family vacations and get to know another part of the country!!!

  2. LOVE NYC! It’s practically home! I also enjoy going to The Strand. Good times for sure. I always visit NYC when I go home. I like to stay there for a few days so I can get my fill. The food, the people, the shops and galleries, the museums, the parks. You can feel the energy of the city, there is so much life and activity. : ) It’s one of the things I miss the most about the east coast. It was hard to adjust to not living right next to such an amazing place when we first moved out here.


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