Visit Math Alive! at the AZ Science Center

Dear Students,

Math Alive is wrapping up it’s final weeks at the AZ Science Center. Have you had a chance to visit? It extended through September 9.

School was out on Wednesday so we went to the AZ Science Center with a friend. I like that our membership allows me to take another adult if my husband is not with us.

MathAlive! is an interactive exploration of mathematics. It demonstrates through hands on experiments mapped to the real math how math works and how people use it. I liked the profiles of skateboarders and swimmers talking about how they use math to set up challenges for themselves.


I wish we could teach math like this  in classrooms, they had a great skateboard game and a rock climbing wall. Math is not my strong suit, but after visiting the exhibit, the light bulb was on for me!!

Here I am on Mars. At Math Alive! Here is a book about Mars I want to read.

Because we are members, the Math Alive exhibit was free. There is a fee for non-members.

I don’t have great pictures of the musical tower, rock climbing wall, skateboard video game or the Mars Exploration. The room was packed with exhibits, it was easy to spend 2 hours just in here. I hope you can come down to visit.

My favorite was watching Max build. But that’s just because I’m his mom. I love when this look comes out.

Infinite goodness,
Mrs. Kenney


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