Paranorman Premiere: Zombies!

Dear Students,

I won tickets to see Paranorman last night from Becca of Our Crazy Boys.

Good thing, because I love zombies and so does my little man Max.

Max and Nonna

Turns out Paranorman was a little too intense for Max–he’s 4 1/2. He’s a brave kid but maybe because it was late at night, he has a vivid imagination or it really was that scary to him, he hid for most of the movie in my neck. You might want to leave your little brother or sister at home.

Sorry, Max!

Because Norman can talk to dead people, he has a hard time making friends. Paranorman deals with bullying and the importance of being yourself. This week I’ll read a new book about bullying written by middle school student in Tucson, Arizona.

Check out author and illustrator team, Levi and Gabe. Their books are awesome. They are laugh out loud funny. I can’t wait to read them to you this week.

Photo by Bernie Sanders, Arizona Daily Star

Thank you Becca for the tickets, I loved the chance to go to the movies and see Paranorman!! You are the best!! As for you, Gabe and Levi, you two are AWESOME!! I loved your books and illustrations! I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Mrs. Kenney


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