A Day out in Tucson

Dear Students,

We visit Tucson every month. My husband’s family lives there and we love to see our family and friends.

In the desert shade is valuable. My MIL has a small yard. She turned it into a beautiful outdoor room by planting an orange tree, lemon tree, tree I don’t know, and palo verde. She planted ground cover and butterfly friendly plants. It is my favorite place to sit and read.

It was an overcast day so we took a trip downtown to Sentinel “A” Mountain to climb it with the boys. We drive by it all the time, we had the day free so off we went.

We put on sunblock, packed water and food. 

Do you know what kind of bird made this nest? I would like to know!

It is a short hike from the parking lot. In ten minutes, we made it to the A.

We chose to hike overland but you can also walk along the road. I recommend a drive by to get the lay of the land first. This is a very easy hike.

Sentinel Peak - Tucson

photo by Bill Morrow (Bill8704 Flickr)

On the way down, we decided to walk on the road, instead of going back the way we came. That was a mistake. We missed the turn for the parking lot and had to send Papa to get the car. Thank you  Papa!!

Rattlesnake Bridge, Downtown Tucson, Arizona

Rattlesnake Pedestrian Bridget at night. Photo by Paul & Kelly on Flickr.

Near Sentinel Mountain is the Rattlesnake Foot Bridge. We drive under it all the time. I wanted to take the boys for a closer look.  It has a head.

It has a tail. When you enter the bridge it makes a sound. Can you guess what it is?

Rattle Snake Bridge in Tucson 2

Photo by Tara Goodell Flickr

And it has a playground at the end, a great place to recharge after our mountain misadventure.

The park had two swing sets (one for toddlers), one climbing structure and benches. Nice little park.

What do I like best about our day so far? The 4 A-10 Warthogs that made repeated passes over Iron Horse park.

We saw 4 warthogs flying in formation over the city while we were at the Iron Horse Park. They train at the nearby Davis Monthan AFB. Several trains passed us and you could see them rattling and enjoy the long whistling. Truly the best park ever.

Mrs. Kenney

p.s. If you are looking for family friendly or budget friendly places to eat in Tucson, I suggest Feast and Little Anthony’s Diner.  If you followed this plan, your day was free (assuming no hotel) and now you can have a nice family dinner out. The menu at feast is affordable for a family and the food is fresh, outrageously good.  We love Little Anthony’s too. If you have lots of kids that is a fun place to go.

Tempura figs with saffron ice cream

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