Following the Olympics with your family

Dear Students,

On Friday, I set my DVR to record everything that was XXX Olympics. I keep the TV on in the background while we are together at home. I don’t want to miss a thing.

We watched the opening ceremony. If anyone had asked me, I would have turned those Olympic rings into Quidditch goals.

But that’s just me.

IF you are watching the Olympics at home, these are my favorite guides to getting more out of the games.

USA 98, France 71

I like to follow the hometown newspaper covering the Olympics. London Examiner Guide to the Olympics. They have tons of features and activities for families, along with a different POV than what you might read on NBC.

You can find me watching TV with my laptop. I like to connect with Twitter and follow links to what is going on. I don’t comment much, but I do retweet from time to time. That’s how I watched the Royal Wedding, following Westminster Abbey and St. James Palace commentary to help me understand better what was going on. I can follow the back story I want to follow instead of limiting myself to what NBC commentary.

Sports in 2012 are primed to watch in a group, when you connect with other people who are watching the same thing it’s like having a party in your living room.

You can follow your favorite Olympic athlete on the Olympic Athlete Hub (that’s not the same as the My Little Pony on the HUB).

Ryan Lochte, USA Gold Medalist, Swimming . Watch Lochte this Thursday in the 200 IM. “I said this before,” Lochte said. “This is my year. I feel it inside my gut. I trained my butt off for four years. I’m gonna carry this atmosphere I created tonight throughout these Games.”Read more:

My favorite Digital Citizenship website is Common Sense Media, they put together a comprehensive page for families, to help them enjoy the Olympics.

What do you like about the Olympics? Are you watching?

Go Team USA!,

Mrs. Kenney


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