The Gifts of Summer

Dear Students,

Right about the time tires start melting on the tarmac at Sky Harbor Airport, I fly home with my boys to spend a long vacation on the East Coast

Running on the magic sidewalk in Chicago

At this time in my life, we have more time than money so we plan lots  of free stuff to keep busy playing outside.

Armed with squirt guns and swords, we visited Gettysburg battlefield , many times fighting over Devil’s Den, Little Round Top and Culp’s Hill.

We have one splurge visit to Hershey Park. We spend the day at the park with cousins and ride as many roller coasters as we can.

Max was finally tall enough to ride the roller coasters. We love the Comet, a wooden roller coaster with a 90 foot drop and a rattling good ride!

We have our favorite things to do in Pennsylvania

double feature at the Drive In

Eat Tastykakes

I brought home three squished boxes of Tastykakes. I wish I had more!

Playing with cousins,

What’s better than watching a lab jump in a pool? That’s happy plus plus!

Walking the Gettysburg Battlefield at sunset with a giant squirt gun to beat the heat

We have unexpected wins, like wearing out our AZ Science Center pass at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

We spent 2 1/2 days at the Franklin Center and the boys still didn’t get tired of it. Big win.

They liked that way more than the Liberty Bell.

Change of plan, spend a little bit of time at Independence Park and lots of time at Science Center. Who knew they weren’t ready for all that history yet?

Max was not well behaved at Independence Hall. He basically rolled on the floor and writhed in pain. That made me want to stay even longer.

This is us in the back corner of Independence Hall while I Park Ranger tells a moving story of the great deeds done in the room. My boys are unimpressed but quiet.

We did some of the same things we do at home

We had to buy new balls at Walgreen’s. We made a game. The yellow ball is attack, the green ball is defense, the orange ball makes you dumber, etc.

And some things we could never do at home

Taking the cousins to play on the obstacle course and fortifications at Carlisle Heritage Center, Army War College

We went to Friendly’s to eat ice cream A LOT.

At the end of the trip I saw the sign that kids eat for $1.99 on Tuesday, oh well, next year I’ll remember that!

Brady taught his cousins how to play Minecraft and looks forward to Skyping with them this school year and staying in touch

Brady writes about minecraft at

Every night we met a collection of cousins and my friends kid’s at the pool to eat potluck and play. The weather was much better in Pennsylvania

The pool water is cold in PA and feels refreshing!

and all along

We don’t know if the baby is a boy or a girl

I hoped and prayed that my sister would deliver her baby

Baby’s due date was for the week after we came home

before we left

At 11:30 PM the night before we flew home, instead of packing, I waited at the hospital to meet someone new

and baby cooperated

thank you thank you thank you

how was your summer? Could it have been better than mine?

Meet Abigail Scarlett, just one hour old.

I can’t wait to see you again,
Love, Mrs. Kenney


6 thoughts on “The Gifts of Summer

  1. This totally made me cry. Mom said it was my hormones but I think it was because it’s beautiful the way things work out. I love you!


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