Science Musem Passport

Dear Students,

This week I tried something new, I used my AZ Science Center membership to visit another science museum for free. We visited the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA.

We are IMAX junkies. That day we say Tornado Alley, which was pretty awesome.

Our family bought a membership to the AZ Science Center for $40.00 in the spring when a promotion popped up on Living Social. Good thing too, because just seeing the IMAX set us back $22.00. I can’t imagine paying for IMAX and admission.

Our favorite exhibits at the Whitaker Center were the tornado, the stop motion animation and the virtual graffiti.

Our membership to our Science center gives us entre to any center more than 90 miles away, the membership is a passport to 260 participating science centers.

This exhibit on water flow reminded me of the National Canal Museum in Easton, PA.

We wanted to see the Leonardo Da Vinci: Machines in Motion traveling exhibit based on the Leonardo notebooks and drawings.

Leonardo’s version of the tank, ready for you to walk inside and explore.

I notice that many science centers host traveling exhibits. Do you think it would be fun to design a traveling exhibit? What would yours be about?

From the East Coast,

Mrs. Kenney


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