Lazy DIY: Slip and Slide

Dear Students,

The inspiration for my Lazy DIY today came from one of our San Tan Roadrunners. My son was invited to a slip and slide party to celebrate the end of Kindergarten last year.

the biggest slip and slide I ever saw

This slip and slide is made from heavy gauge plastic, the kind an east coast house might staple over a window to keep the draft out. But you wouldn’t know anything about that would you, growing up in Phoenix.

Cheap inflatables and pool noodles made the ride more fun

Of course, when we flew home to Pennsylvania the following week we bought our own tarp and created a loved family tradition.

We bought the tarp for $25.00 at Home Depot

We set up a sprinkler at the top of the hill, we spritzed the surface (and each other) with anything slippery. Bath soap, hand soap, wesson oil. We called it Special Sauce. The kids come up with best ideas.

We love to see our cousins and friends every year.

I hope you are enjoying the summer.

From the Keystone State,
Mrs. Kenney


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