Disabilities: Different on the Outside, the Same on the Inside

Dear Students,

I went to the AZ Science center with my kids last week. Some of the kids that were visiting the museum that day looked a little different on the outside to my boys.

Service Dog

A guide dog is working when he wears his vest or harness. When you see a guide dog, remember to look at the owner and say “I like your dog” or you can ask about the dog. That is friendly. How would it be if you leaned on the dog or played with the dog? That might make it hard for him to do his work. Remember that he is there to do a job.

Some of the kids had white canes. They were playing and enjoying the exhibits with their friends just like my boys. We saw some guide dogs too. I was proud of Max when he said “I like your dog” to the guide dog’s owner instead of petting the dog and ignoring the owner. Beautifully done Max!!

This little girl and this man both have artificial limbs. Just because their legs may be different from yours do you think they feel different on the inside? I think they are just like us. They are people too and are happy, sad, sensitive, brave and scared. Just like anyone.

Sometimes you see people that look funny. Maybe there features are not even and regular the way you expect. If you aren’t sure how to act, the best thing you can do is remember even if we have different bodies, we all have the same feelings. Our feelings always match. Look at the ways you are alike.

Before Bethany Frankel started surfing again, her friends helped and encouraged her. She remembered who she was and not what she wasn’t.

Sometimes when you let someone’s outside make you feel like staying away you miss out. Next time you see a guide dog, remember to look for their owner and say “I like your dog.” and that’s it. And if you see a friend at school that is a little bit different on the outside do the extra work and ask them to play with you.

This Kid’s Quest site has some primitive unimpressive checkbox quizzes on this topic for two seconds of fun. Surely there is something better online than this link. Digital Citizenship kids, think you can help me out?

People may look, sound, or do things differently, inside, we are all very much the same. That’s all you need to know!

The Wounded Warrior Project and NEADS are two of my favorite groups that help make life better for very deserving folks.

Pay it forward,
Mrs. Kenney

#ChallengeAccepted Matt is a tough guy. Good for him. Good for his friends.


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