Pixar’s Brave: If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?

Dear Students,

I went to see Brave on Friday night. I won tickets from Macaroni Kid Chandler. I confess, I belong to all the Macaroni Kids sites in the area-North Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert and Chandler. Macaroni Kid always has ideas for fun things to do and lots of giveaways. If you like to enter contests, check out the links I added. Let me know if you win!

One reason I wanted to see Brave is I have an imp like this at home.

We attended the Phoenix Radio Disney Premiere at Ultra Star Cinema in Scottsdale. Ultra Star has D Box chairs, special chairs that move with the movie. You can test them in the lobby or pay a premium price for a DBox ticket.

Here is my little red on his first day of school.

Attending a premiere gives you something fun to do while waiting in line. People like to dress up. There is usually music, contests and giveaways. It’s a fun way to get in the spirit of a movie.

Merida "Brave" meet-and-greet

This photo was taken at the Disney Park Meridea Meet and Greet. I found the photo on Flickr.

If you arrive late for Brave, you may miss the short called Luna that appears before the main feature. Pixar includes a short before their movies.

La Luna is also a book. We checked it out from the library before we saw the movie.  Enrico Casarosa wanted to create a different look from past computer-generated films.(read more by following the link)

La Luna by Enrico Casarosa is based on the Pixar Short film. If you loved the short, this makes a good bedtime story.

My favorite part of Brave was the bear plotline.

Watching Brave reminded me of The Bear by William Faulkner. I read it in High School then reread it when I came home from the movie. I wonder if the Pixar writers had it in mind when they made the script.

View more ebooks on ebookbrowse.com

If you stay for the end credits, look for the Will ‘o Wisp to appear around Steve Jobs name. A graceful way of saying he fulfilled his destiny.

Pixar movies are masterpieces. They draw from art, music, literature, poetry and video games. You can tell the animators love to learn because the movies are so densely layered. Our family was grateful to win tickets. Of course, I’ll be seeing it again.  How about you? There are four upcoming Pixar films in the works. Do you know what they are? How could you find out?

Questions, questions,

Mrs. Kenney

p.s.  Wired has a great piece for parents about 10 things about Brave.


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