Part 1: I asked my friends to send me a picture of a tree….

Dear Students,

Last year, I asked my friends to send me pictures of clouds. I enjoyed their mails so much that this year, I asked for pictures of trees.

My first was from Sandy, “This beautiful American Sycamore is just down the hill from our home”

Over the next few days, pictures of trees came from all over the country.

“I admire it’s strength, longevity and perseverance…it’s my inspirational tree,” Boiling Springs, PA

Here are the first few

“They cut it down to make room for the new road. It was a huge seasonal tree that made us feel like we really do have fall here in the Valley. It was in front of a pasture and also made us feel like we lived in a small farm town. We already miss that tree and its not even fall yet” Vonda, Gilbert, AZ

I hope you enjoy them.

Red bud tree in my front yard. Red buds were my late sister’s favorite type of tree. I don’t like it’s location (too close to my driveway), but I keep it because of her memory. Paul, Reston, VA

I hope you decide to send me a picture of a tree.

When I was 8, her shade kept me cool manning my “Heather’s Hardware” roadside stand, where I sold nails and string and my parent’s hammers (for $2.00) to passers-by. 30 years ago, I saved this tree from NOVEC by making a “Please don’t cut this tree down, it’s a friend of mine” sign. They did this to it last week while my parents were out of town. Now, it has to come out, which makes my chest hurt. Heather, Hamilton, VA

I would love that.

“Of all my trees, this is my favorite. It is an almond tree. It is my Brigham tree. I saved my placenta from Brighams birth and when he was old enough to help me we planted it with this tree together. He loves his tree.” Rachel, Gilbert, AZ

Do you have a tree that is important to you?

My grandkids refer to my oak tree in the backyard as Grandmother Willow. Sarah, Lake LaTonka, Mercer, PA

Like a Lorax,

Mrs. Kenney


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