June Camping: Black Canyon Rim Campground

Dear Students,

It’s our first week out of school. It’s Jiffy Pop hot in the city. We are eager to get out town.

Summer is a busy time to camp. If you don’t have a reservation you might be out of luck.

I hoped to find a campground that was:

  • uncrowded
  • cool weather
  • pop-up friendly
  • campsite in the trees

Mr. Dreamy picked Black Canyon Rim Campground near Payson, AZ. We left Saturday morning at 9AM with fingers crossed.


The campground is in the Sitgreaves National Forest, with a fee of $14.00 a night. The camp host sold us a pass and allowed us to share a site with our friends. We picked site #11, large enough to accommodate both families and with no other campsites in sight. Because we camp with young children, we don’t require much. We simply set up the tent, our friends opened up the pop-up. We arranged our chairs. The kids ran back and forth, playing with each other.

Lifelong friends

We built another spiral path. The campfire ban was in effect–it was chilly at night without a fire but we had a full moon for light. We used our propane stove to cook and roast marshmallows for smores. It was a perfect day. Any day you can talk to your friends while your children play safely outside is a great day when you have pre-schoolers.

Cream cracker knackered

We sat under the stars and listened to the wind in the pines. A clean brick outhouse was an easy five minute walk from our campsite. We did not have running water at the site, but we were able to drop off our garbage in a dumpster near the outhouse.

My view this morning

I am happy that we found a place that wasn’t crowded and we could camp with our friends. For things to do on the way home, take a look at this list of things to do in Payson area. We picked the Tonto Fish Hatchery.

Cool Regards,

Mrs. Kenney


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