Vision Gallery: The Phoenix Fridas

Dear Students,

Last year I got to know the Phoenix Fridas art collective when I visited their exhibition at the Vision Gallery in Chandler, AZ. I marked my calendar because they are coming back. Their art is varied, vibrant and best of all, free. I love that we live near Chandler, a community that does a magnificent job of closing the gap in our arts education by giving space to local artists and making art accessible.

The Phoenix Fridas are returning to the Vision Gallery

I Paint My Own Reality: An Artwork Installation by the Phoenix Fridas

Exhibition Dates: June 15 – August 3, 2012
(text copied from The Vision Gallery, Chandler AZ)

Artist Salon:
Friday June 15 6-8 PM – Our Inspiration: The Phoenix Fridas Artwork Tour and Gallery Talk

Ask a dozen people to describe what they saw during an event and you may get 12 different answers.

That idea is embodied in the upcoming Vision Gallery exhibition, “I Paint My Own Reality: In Frida’s Garden,” which features the Valley’s well-known Latina art collective, The Phoenix Fridas.

Kahlo spent many hours enjoying the gardens at La Casa Azul, interpreting the natural world around her through her personal filter, which was colored by passion and pain. Butterflies, flowers and wild creatures were a normal part of Kahlo’s surrealistic vision of the world. In “I Paint My Own Reality,” the Fridas created their own personal interpretations of the natural and supernatural.

The Fridas will share their inspiration for works in the show during an Artist Salon and then will put a twist on historical Mexican recipes during a weekend cooking demo. Two workshops for Vision Kidz are scheduled to teach craft making. Best of all, a birthday party to honor Frida coincides with the late artist’s birthday in July.

I love the unibrow!

Come celebrate with Vision Gallery and The Phoenix Fridas!

Photo from Phoenix Frida website page…love the intricate beading

Get Cookin’ with the Phoenix Fridas – Saturday June 16, Learn to cook historical Mexican recipes, $30 per person, (call for reservations)
Vision Kidz Workshop, Saturday June 23 – 10 am & 1 pm
Terra-Cotta Birdbath Workshop with Carmen Guerrero (call for reservations)
Vision Kidz Workshop, Saturday June 30 – 10 am & 1 pm
Reverse Glass Painting Workshop: Emily Costello (call for reservations)
Frida’s Birthday Party!, Saturday July 7, 12 pm – 4 pm Meet the Phoenix Fridas and celebrate the life of Frida Kahlo. A celebration not to be missed, children’s activities and live performances. Free Admission.

Photo from The Phoenix Frida Facebook page

The Phoenix Fridas were voted 2009 winners of Phoenix New Times’ “Best Heroine Worship” category; the women also won the New Times’ “Best Art Collective” in 2007. Both citations are dear to the hearts of the art collective. The women, who take creative inspiration from the life of famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, each use the late artist’s name to create a personal crafty moniker. The Phoenix Fridas are Kathy Cano Murillo, Emily Costello, Anita Mabante Leach, Carmen Guerrero, Michele Delgado, Ana Lisa Rios, Gloria Martinez, Monique Sanderson-Mata, Veronica Verdugo-Lomeli and Diana Calderon.

Photo from Phoenix Frida Facebook page

Warm Regards,
Mrs. Kenney

Visit The Phoenix Fridas on Facebook, follow @PhoenixFridas on Twitter or online at:

Visit the Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona

10 East Chicago Street
Chandler, AZ 85225

Hours of Operation:
M – F 10am – 5pm
Sat 10am – 4pm

free parking/free admittance



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