Van Gogh Alive and Fly Art: Extending the Art Experience

Dear Students,

We went to the Arizona Science Center this weekend so I could visit Van Gogh Alive. It  is tremendous. I hope you can see it before it leaves town on June 18.

He loved yellow, it was the color of happiness for him

Prior to the show, I borrowed Van Gogh books and a documentary from the library. I learned he suffered from mental illness. I knew his brother Theo supported him financially and emotionally with a treasure trove of letters full of praise and encouragement. I remembered his poverty, anxiety, his passion and Starry Night.

I entered the Van Gogh Alive exhibit through a dark antechamber. The room exhibit space is dark and filled with screens with Van Gogh paintings projected onto them. The room wends around corners. The images panned and scanned, zoomed and faded. If you failed to read the introductory text (as I did) before walking into the exhibit you are left on your own to orient yourself.

The frameless art exhibit was created by Australian Grande Exhibitions and reflects the artwork using 40 projectors equipped with SENSORY4 high resolution technology on giant screens, walls, columns, floors and ceilings.
Synchronized to a powerful classical score, more than 3,000 Van Gogh images in enormous scale create a thrilling display that fills every available surface – immersing you entirely in the vibrant colors and vivid details that constitute Van Gogh’s unique style.

When I’m left hanging, I’m one of those flip to the back of the book people. I like to see how it all works out. So I walked immediately to the back of the exhibit to the gift shop and read all the signs and paged the brochure.

painted while inside an asylum following the birth of his nephew, a relatively happy time for Van Gogh

When I returned to the exhibit I ended up standing where I could read the quotes, then I rotated 360 and took in the changing landscape. I could see the show was organized into periods of his life.

The iconic Starry Night

I was stunned to learn he painted Starry Night using his view from the window of an asylum.

Wheatfield with Crows. I learned the most about this painting from the exhibit.

I thought the way the exhibit presented Wheat Field with Crows was very well done.

After Gaugin left

Youtube has a list of the music they played during the exhibition. It was gorgeous. The quotes were inspiring. I wanted to take notes but instead I soaked it in.

Get to know Fly Art in Queen Creek and take a class. Follow them on Facebook and see how they inspire you! Even if you are not nearby this passionate community is inspiring.

Closer to home, if you want to extend your Van Gogh Art experience, I encourage you to visit Fly Art in Queen Creek and take a class. Like them on Facebook and see how they inspire you! Fly Art is another great model for folks wondering what is 21st Century Learning. Here you have entrepreneurship, a deep knowledge of a certain area and unique offerings. I think the kids that get involved with programs like this have their lives in enriched.

You can find Fly Art in Queen Creek (18423 E San tan blvd Suite 2,Open Studio 11-2 Tues thru Sat & evenings by reg). Fly Art cultivates a passionate community of artists. For folks that say “I don’t know what to do with my older child in the summer, take a look at what the kids are making at Fly Art. I love love love their runway models fashion dresses made out of paper. Spectacular.

The model wears…paper! I love the creativity! Winning!


Mrs. Kenney

P.S. Van Goghing with youngsters: we have a membership (we bought it through Groupon) so my exhibition ticket to Van Gogh Alive was $8.00. I did not bring my own kids, there were children inside. I thought my boys would run through the space in 5 minutes and then ask to leave. You know your kids, the film/photo loop is 30 minutes.


One thought on “Van Gogh Alive and Fly Art: Extending the Art Experience

  1. Thank you so much for the details of your experience of the Van Gogh Alive. I had been searching for a local, intelligent, non-commercial review. Your’s is so well done! Can you take pictures?


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