World War II: The Yoo Hoo Incident

Dear Students,

I copied this article from one of my favorite history blogs. It tells a funny story that happened during WWII basic training. Almost all of my uncles served in World War II. I grew up listening to their stories. This is a good one.

Reposting from NotsofancyNancy a WWII blog I like, great story!

The Yoo Hoo Incident

It is here in the timeline that the incident that made my father’s regiment famous happened. Dad was on furlough at this time, falling in love with my mom and hanging out with her family in Brookville, Kansas. Even so, news of this incident provided the “mothers” of the soldiers a reason to campaign. This is where Dad’s regiment and Lieutenant General (LTG) Ben Lear were granted the first nicknames of World War II. This is a story worth preserving.

click over to continue reading….World War II, Chapter 6, The Yoo Hoo Incident

I hope this story made you smile,
Mrs. Kenney


2 thoughts on “World War II: The Yoo Hoo Incident

  1. I think I just broke the code that you’re Notsofancynancy, too. Blogging allows so many ways to express yourself, doesn’t it? When I’m not blogging about my step-father’s WW2 experiences (and continued thanks for the referrals), I play with different sides of me at . I’d be flattered if you popped over to take a look.

    • Thanks for reading the post! I have to tell you, this is not my story but I wanted to save it so I could share it with my friends. Thanks for visiting!


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