Switching to Plan B: Penske Racing Museum, Scottsdale AZ

Dear Students,

Mr. Dreamy was running in the foam race at the MacDonald Ranch Park in Scottsdale, AZ. Sadly the 5K Foam Race fizzled. It was an hour drive back to my corner of the valley. I had 3 little boys with energy to burn, the sun was high in the sky, blazing hot. My budget: Miniscule. It’s easy to spend money in Scottsdale, but what fun is that?

First we shook the sillies out at the Desert Ridge Splash Pad, Scottsdale AZ

I dialed my GPS to Leisure: Museums. A phone call to the Penske Racing Museum confirmed they were open, free and nearby. A 2 mile drive from the splash pad found us wending down Chauncey Lane, my shiny minivan reflecting the mirrored polish of Bentley’s, Bugatti and Lamborghini’s. I parked in the front row and huddled with the boys. “Put marshmallows on your feet and bubbles in your mouth” repeating a familiar school admonition to walk softly and keep quiet.

Spotless, Shiny, Expensive, Subdued, Fabulous Fabulous Fabulous

Hi Sweetheart

Taking the stairs to the second floor exhibits

Of course it took my boys about 5 minutes to see everything they wanted to see on the first floor,

a fleeting glimpse of the Turn 4 Cafe seating area…pretty sweet. We didn’t linger, the boys wanted to go off road

The second floor is a generous club space with The Turn 4 Cafe open weekdays 8 to 3PM. Vintage Indy Races repeat on the big screen, a panoramic view of sunny Scottsdale wraps around. We spotted a pedestrian bridge and the boys were off again.

Excellent Museum Criteria 2: Awesome staircase and walkways

The Pedestrian Walkway overlooked the Land Rover Off Road track, once the boys discovered it, we were off again

Remember that hot wheels commercial from the 80’s where the kids built a track in their backyard? This was like that times awesome

They fell asleep in the car on the way home

I want to thank the good folks at the museum for the hospitality. I know we are not their intended demographic, but I enjoyed the visit. It’s always a treat to find myself in the center of so much beauty. I’ll come back with Mr. Dreamy without the boys for a salad at the Turn 4 Cafe. It’s a date!

Going superfast,
Mrs. Kenney


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