Shawarma: Avengers Approved

Dear Students,

When you visit me in the library and surround me and all start talking at once, you make me laugh. My best laugh this week was when Violet (age 7) offered appropos of nothing

“My favorite part of Avengers was when they ate Shawarma.” What? You saw Avengers, Violet?

“What is Shawarma,Mrs. Kenney?”

Shawarma is a wrap, and you can get your Shawarma on at Pita Jungle.

Pita Jungle - Mediterranean Roasted Chicken Pita (Shawarma)

Doesn’t this make you want a shawarma right now? Photo by Jason Aaron AZ (Flickr)

Pita Jungle is my son’s favorite places to go for our dates.

Brady always orders the Caribbean Fruit Salad, and we split it

A salad this fresh and sweet makes you forget it’s 120 degrees outside.

The last time we visited I noticed new paneling

Reclaimed wood paneling at the Gilbert, Pita Jungle location

I love their green ethos…Pita Jungle is a certified carbon negative restaurant

I love the revolving art gallery, love the healthy food at a reasonable price. Where is your favorite place to find a healthy, fresh food?

Wrappingly Yours,
Mrs. Kenney


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