Eudora Welty: Photographer

Homeward bound, I wish I was homeward bound
Home, where my thoughts escapin’, home, where my music’s playin’

-Paul Simon, Homeward Bound

Dear Students,

I am thinking of my mom’s house in Pennsylvania today

We found a poster rolled up in a closet. Unfurled, it revealed a watercolor print inspired by Welty’s photograph.

the picture was a gift from the Kentucky Department of Education to my stepfather

Eudora Welty is a well known southern author, but she was also a talented photographer

Her pictures were remarkable because she took photos of the ordinary people and places in her life.

My mother hung the print over the fireplace. This summer I am taking the boys home for a month to see our family.

Flanking the pictures are two bobbins from an old mill turned into candlestick holders. I love mingling history and design into the home. My mom has great style.

Do you take the time to photograph the ordinary people and places in your world?


Mrs. Kenney

Home by Dark by Eudora Welty..You might recognize this photo, it is the cover art for the book The Known World

Tomato Packers Recess by Eudora Welty


One thought on “Eudora Welty: Photographer

  1. I just posted my Project 365 photos and I love that you say at the end, “Have you taken the time to photograph the ordinary people and places in your life?” I feel like I can say yes, I have this year, and that makes me really happy.

    I never knew Eudora Welty was a photographer – I am totally going to google more of her images now. The one’s you share are wonderful, thank you.


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