A Detailed House: Art Installation in Georgetown

Dear Students,

A Detailed House is one of my favorite blogs. Kearney’s blog showcases an overlooked talent, the design sense. I think it’s important to cultivate a design sense. I like how Kearney curates pictures of a style she likes and encourages a conversation about style.

Today I share Kearney’s latest post with you about an art show at Dumbarton Oaks, a fantastic garden in Georgetown, DC. Click here to visit A Detailed House’s original post. Art Installation in Georgetown.

If you like public art/innovative design, be sure to visit this Cao Perrot Studio‘s thumbnail gallery. Extraordinary.

Dumbarton Oak’s Cloud Terrace by Cao Perrot Studio (their photo)

I posted this yesterday and I noticed I had a handful of visitors from France, Bon Jour! Here is a slice of public art in my hometown of Phoenix. I hope you will come visit us!

Her Secret is Patience is a 100-foot-tall net sculpture suspended over the new Phoenix Civic Space park in the city’s downtown. Inspired by the shadows cast by clouds, it is considered a form of wind choreography. The sculpture creates a similar effect during the day; at night it illuminated in blue and magenta. (The title comes from Emerson: “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”)

Mrs. Kenney


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