this page intentionally left blank

Dear Students,

Bennett Art by Amanda Bennett

After school today I pulled another blank writing assignment from my older son’s backpack.

What is the correct answer?

He’s only six years old. He says he can’t think of anything to say. This is a problem. I have to hold the bar high, but I know that he struggles with open-ended questions.

Take aim at the problem

We drew a bull’s eye. Our topic is “Introducing Myself”

In the center of the bull’s eye is the topic. In this case, his name.

In the next ring are the people/characters in the story. In this case, his family.

In the final ring, we put facts that we can use to write our story.

Now, circle the facts that you will use in your story. Write your story.

In ten minutes, he wrote two paragraphs. His handwriting was not good, his paragraphs were disjointed.

But his paper was not blank anymore.

It’s a start. I’m pleased.

Success v. Success

How do you think of something to write?

With Curiosity,
Mrs. Kenney


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