Cinco de Mayo Nature Walk and Super Moon

Bolero’s patio in Seville was the gateway for our nature walk.

Dear Students,

This Saturday Brady performed in a music recital. My in-laws traveled from Tucson to enjoy the show. After the performance, it felt natural to dine on the prettiest patio in Gilbert, Bolero’s.


We had a post-recital family celebration at Bolero’s in Gilbert. Dinner in a restaurant is tough on my little guy, so we went for a walk.

Bolero’s overlooks a golf course and flanks  a wash. The area provides habitats for birds, jack rabbits and a host of small desert wildlife.


Swallows nest in the golf cart tunnel that passes below the Club entrance…we counted 83, but I am not good at counting

The curving path leads to a tunnel. Inside the tunnel was a long row of barn swallow nests made out of mud. We saw the swallows peeping out, some flocked outside, disturbed by my noisy boy.

You never know what you will find when you go on a walk. In the first week of May at 5PM, we saw:

2 road runners (male and female pair, on the golf course)

photo by Desert USA

Do you know that road runners eat rattlesnakes?

Black Tailed Jack Rabbit by Wolfpix

Max spotted the Black Tailed Jack Rabbits first. They were frozen in the wash. Frozen until Brady took off in their direction and they bounded away from him. Lovely, long, loping limbs.

Super Moon Rising

Super Moon by High Dynamic Reality Photography (Flickr)

It took us a long time to walk home. Max picked up a few golf balls and tennis balls. He tucked them into the waistband of his underwear to keep his hands free to pick up more treasures. 4 is a great age.I had some movies from Redbox to watch, but we ended up sitting on the patio all night, enjoying the family visit and the supermoon. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Where you able to enjoy the Supermoon?

With a lunar regard,
Mrs. Kenney


One thought on “Cinco de Mayo Nature Walk and Super Moon

  1. Oh, now I really miss the desert! We used to have roadrunners in our backyard. Darn critters spooked our border collie with their electric-crackle calls!

    I felt so nostalgic seeing the swallow’s nests! In NM on Elephant Butte lake they were everywhere! Such lovely little birds!

    Our supermoon was ensconced behind clouds, but it was a lovely occasion to listen to the 20,000 frogs burgeoning in our local pond!

    Happy Day!


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