Spring Break: The Boneyard Project, Pima Air and Space Museum

Dear Students,

Tucked within the city limits of Tucson, is the third largest Air Force in the world (and the only air force that makes a profit). It is commonly called the Tucson Bone Yard just south of Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona. The dry heat of the desert preserves the planes that wait, hopefully, for a day that will never come. Weekly tours of the Boneyard are given through the Tucson Air Museum, located just south of Davis Monthan AFB.

Partial Arial View of theboneyard (photo by US Geological Survey)

If you drive by, the mass of planes impresses. They go on for acres.  There are upwards of 4,200 planes parked in the boneyard.

This spring break, I took the boys to Tucson to visit the painted planes featured in the Boneyard Project. The name is a misnomer, since the planes are at the Pima Air Space Museum and don’t require a separate ticket. I bought an individual membership for $40.00. Children 6 and under are free. My membership includes annual admission to the Titan Missile Museum and two guest passes, so in a way this membership pays for itself. /end commercial.

I love street art. I’m delighted that the magnificent sprawling airfield has yielded to artists like Andrew Schoultz to become an unusual canvas. The art exhibit “Round Trip: Art from the Boneyard Project” continues through May 31. Try to visit if you can — it’s an incredible opportunity to see enormous talent featured on weirdly extravagant gallery. If you like photography, art or design this show is for you.

This is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby,

Mrs. Kenney


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