Honor Walk 2012

Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once.

William Shakespeare, (Julius Caesar)

Stearman Bi-Plan Missing Man Formation

This morning I put on my father’s Vietnam Era jacket. It’s made out of a poncho liner and is embroidered with the insignia of the 173rd Airborne. It has his year of service in Vietnam, 67-68 and a tiger on the sleeve. I wore the jacket during the 5k Honor Walk.

Exhibit of the 150 Arizona soldiers who gave their lives in Iraq/Afghanistan

Participating in any 5K walk is a good way to spend time together as a family. You show your support for a cause that matters to you, and you mingle with your community. In our case, Veteran’s issues are close to my heart. My father’s military service raised him out of poverty, provided him with a college education and he spent the final years of his life in a VA home. He gave hundreds of hours in community service as a Veteran. Growing up, he brought his children to parades, picnics, volunteer events and military museums. I feel more connected with him when I go to these events. I’m proud to wear his jacket in his memory.

The walk was an easy paved course through the campus of Grand Canyon University in the West Valley. The organizers put together a superlative ceremony with pipe and drum band, Stearman bi-plane flyover, model of the U.S.S. Arizona by Patrick and Cecil Gates, WWII era jeep and the moving display of the Wall of the Fallen, a pictorial display of all Arizonans who made the ultimate sacrifice in the post 9/11 conflict. To learn more about this exhibit you can follow it’s schedule online at Remembering our Fallen. I highly recommend 5K walks for any cause you hold close to your heart.

My dad would want me to remind you to say Thank you and Welcome home to the Vets in your area.



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