Movie Review: The Woman in Black

This morning I had some free time. I had a movie gift card. I treated myself to The Woman in Black.

I fell in love with the gothic ghost story genre in college when I read The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. If you liked WIB, then I think you will like WIW. My students in the library are forever asking for a REALLY scary story. This movie reminds me there is a world out there of great scary stuff that is okay for kids…moving to the top of my review list for the school library is the Modern Library Edition Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural.

This is next on my to-read list. Can't wait!

I don’t know how you are, but I am a gutless coward. This movie scared me completely. I sat in the theater with my hood up, my face covered and considered walking out and renting it at home so I could see it with my husband.

I managed to stay but I missed the middle part as my eyes were firmly closed. I used the score to guess when it was safe to venture a peak.

The Woman in Black had mixed reviews– the review I agree with is here. (For a parent perspective review, check out my favorite family review site Common Sense Media.) I think the movie was well cast, the action and ghost story unfolded in an unpredictable fashion. The premise of lost children is ghastly. The atmosphere, gorgeous landscapes and sets created a marvelous, terrifying sojourn. I loved it.





One thought on “Movie Review: The Woman in Black

  1. My daughter Kaylee and I thought the review of this practical comedy was very entertaining. The reviewer of this film has a wonderful way of tickling the soul. Well done writer!


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