Desert Wells Stagecoach Stop

I admit, I like my husband to take the pre-bed routine after a day wrangling kids in the library and after school. My husband is going out a few nights this week, so no respite for the weary.

My nightstand groans with old Arizona Highways and Arizona history books. I love using the Centennial as an excuse to unleash my inner local history nerd. Today’s easy jaunt is courtesy of Around the San Tan Mountain which is like a San Tan Historical Society in my pocket.

The plan for today is to check out the Desert Wells stage coach stop, play in the Queen Creek Wash. Later we can visit the Wells Fargo History Museum downtown (free) and the San Tan Historical Society (free).

I had this romantic idea that the stage coach stop would be a pile of rubble that we would trek through a wash to find. I felt silly when I saw the parking area and the stop located easily along a road I travel all the time. I passed it dozens of times and did not notice it, Typical.

The Desert Wells stage stop is interesting as a remnant of the old ways. We talked about how horses grew tired pulling a buggy (What’s a buggy?–it is like a car with no engine that a horse pulls. It is an old fashioned word). When we go to the Wells Fargo Musuem the boys can climb in a stage coach. We can watch some Westerns on TV. There are so many ways to bring this idea home. I love that our house is so close.

The stage stop is fenced. After running around it twice I cut the boys loose to chase rabbits in the wash. We watched the sunset and drove home, dinner-bath and bed went like butter.





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