Chase Field Kinetic Ball Sculpture

Kinetic Sculpture at Chase Field

Situated near the box office at Chase Field is a large glass enclosure called “Based on Balls” by George Rhoads.

I first fell in love with George Rhoads work when I was growing up in Harrisburg, PA. One of his enormous kinetic sculptures “The Chockablock Clock” dominates the Strawberry Square atrium. I used to work behind the clock as a bank teller and I loved to eat my lunch and watch it do it’s thing. My oldest boy is fascinated with marble runs, ramps, spirals and any manner of Rube Goldberg Machine.

Once I became a librarian I wanted to build a kinetic sculpture of my own out of pool noodles (xoxo pinterest) along with sharing George Rhoads as the Artist of the Month. He’s such an easy person for kids to get interested in. His website is full of information, videos, great shots. Best of all, the shop that fabricates his sculptures is in Tucson, Arizona. “Creative Machines” is a wonder. In addition to George Rhoads work they also have a slew of public outdoor sculpture available in Tucson. On my to-do list is mapping out a sculpture day and visiting some of these installations in Tucson. My boys (and probably most children) are very responsive to public art and it is a joy to visit it with them. That’s fodder for a future post. I probably make you tired with the things I want to see and do. A motivating factor for me is that my oldest son likes this sort of thing in particular which is reason enough for me to go the extra mile.

If you want to go the extra mile at Chase field, they offer a 75 minute walking tour. Chase Field is located downtown at 401 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85004. To make this outing grander, combine it with a trip on the Light Rail. Details for that are in the link, simply scroll to Light Rail. Mom Note: Look for the button to set the sculpture in motion. It is divided into quadrants and they are not always active. Just around the corner from the sculpture are tall stairs suitable for running up and down ten times. If you like that kind of thing. You can park on the street in front of the sculpture at a meter. If you go on off peak times parking is a cinch. We made a stop one day coming home from the Phoenix Children’s Museum.

Chockablock Clock, Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA


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