Tortilla Flats

We made our second foray down the Apache Trail towards the Roosevelt Dam. This time we made it as far as Tortilla Flats and I drove. On a weekday the road had some traffic but it was not nearly as busy as it is on the weekend. I was nervous driving my big minivan on the Apache Trail, but this portion was no trouble.

The Tortilla Flat is a tourist destination located along the scenic Apache Trail. It bills itself as a small town of 6 people. Situated amongst eye-dropping scenery, Tortilla Flats is a collection of western storefronts, namely a mercantile, restaurant, tiny museum in a converted school house and a nice outdoor patio with a stage.

We visited on a Tuesday around 11 AM and it was busy but not crowded.

The Tortilla Flat restaurant is a gem. The walls are papered in money. I expected this in one room, but the whole restaurant was. The bar stools are not stools, they are saddles. Everyone takes a picture of that. We saw a javelina head mounted on the wall. My eyes were tempted to read all the little signs and notices but my boys kept me focused. We had an ordinary lunch of burgers and fries. The kids were given a kids menu. The food was better than I expected for such a tourist trap seeming place — I am not being bitter, I just remember eating at Rustlers Roost and paying a small fortune for terrible food. The Roost is another fun place, great patio, view, music, ambience, slide. Horrible food. Don’t come hungry.

I digress, I guess I wanted to establish a standard for food quality. Rustler Roost not so good, Tortilla Flat, no complaints. We had lots of fun. Lots to see and do, a live band was performing on the patio. I saw notices that said they had gunfight shows periodically.

Fun place, even if you are not planning to eat you can stroll the town, snap some pictures, listen to music and maybe treat yourself to ice cream. We’ll be back.




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